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Copywriting Package

$1,397 ($197 Setup Fee + $1200 for the first month) due at sign up.

  • Includes Project Manager, Copywriter, and Web Designer
  • 2 emails a week (8 per month)
  • 4 launches a year (1 per quarter) (webinar, summit, intensive, etc), each contains 8 emails + tech support for page builds

Pay $1,397 today ($197 setup fee + $1200 for the first month) and then $1200 per month starts on July 15, 2024 

"As a 64-year-old non techie, I had no idea if I’d have the skills to create a successful online summit. I had never even heard of a “virtual assistant”, and could not even copy and paste. My team at HeartCore Worx not only helped me create a successful summit, they also helped me overcome my “tech” fears. Rachael and Eli helped me every step of the way. They were kind, patient and effective. I strongly recommend you use the expertise of HeartCore Worx."

– Marilyn Kier

"If you’re looking for a sign on who to hire – THIS IS THE SIGN SWEET SHUGGA! Seriously, I’m not kidding you, Sarah Montano is a sweetheart and gets what you need DONE. This was my first summit ever and not only was Sarah super helpful on creating graphics and pages beautifully and in line with the design I was going for, but she equipped me with tools so that I can continue to run my business with ease and a deeper understanding of how it works behind the scenes. You’ll love your time together and feel confident you’re in the right place as you move through your series/webinar/whatever it is you may be coming to Heartcore Worx and Sarah for. I cant’ speak highly enough. 10000/10 if that’s an option. And then some!

– Jane D

"I chose HeartCore Worx because I simply could not find any other provider that would offer as much as they do! They offer a variety of services and I have absolutely adored my VA Cosette! She has gone above and beyond, she is incredibly open and talented. HeartCore Worx is a great company. They are so personable and reliable and SO FUN to work with. Would highly recommend them!"

– Annie Lee